Fortis is founded in 1912, by Walter Vogt. The company is currently located in Grenchen and led by CEO Jupp Philipp.

Fortis is mainly focused on developing and producing tool watches for everything that flies or dives. Sea, Sky, and Space are top of their mind.

Already in 1929, a Fortis was used in the sky. The Harwood by Fortis was used during the first around-the-world trip in a Zeppelin LZ 127. The automatic watch was worn by Lady Grace Drummond-Hay, who later inspired Fortis founder Vogt to pursue developing aviation watches.

In 1940, Fortis comes up with their first water-resistant watch, the Fortissimo. Then, in 1961, the Fortis Jubilee is introduced. The first watch for pilots by Fortis. Fortis keeps developing interesting watches in the years after.

In 1987, a new era starts for Fortis when they introduce their Flieger watch. And again in 1994, when Fortis becomes the Official Cosmonauts Chronograph watch. These watches are still the base for the pilot’s and cosmonaut’s watches in today’s Fortis collection.

In 2018, Fortis is owned by Jupp Philipp, a long time Fortis fan that turned into CEO of his favorite brand.

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Fortis was founded by Walter Vogt
Fortis joins forces with the inventor of the first automatic movement, John Harwood, to start the world’s first mass production.
Since the 50s, Fortis has waterresistant watches under the name Marinemaster. Fortis shares the name rights for “Marinemaster” with the Seiko company, as it was never clear who was first.
Long before 1983, the colorful plastic Fortis Flipper watches are introduced.
The first Fortis Pilot sees daylight in the (today) famous green, orange and steel colors.
The Official Cosmonauts Chronograph performed their first mission in open space.
Fortis introduces its famous B-42 case
The Official Cosmonauts Chronograph is launched – not only to the watch markets but also into space.
Long time Fortis fan Jupp Philipp takes over as owner and CEO
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